B & B McCloud 天雲

Traditional Japanese House

Straw Matted Rooms,  Fire Pit Dining Room・Spectacular Mountain View

Rich in 2600 Years of History, Many Wold Heritage Sites, Okugake Kobo Trail

Thousands of Cherry Trees at Mount Yoshino In Spring Time

Many Waterfalls Hike

Only 2.5 Hours to Ise Grand Shrine and Kumano Hongu

It's ideal to stay at 天雲(McCloud) before starting Kumano Kodo Trail、3.0 hours to Takijiri, Ukegawa and Nachi


How to get there) Free pick up at Yamato Kamiichi Station / Kintetsu Yoshino Line
                               For more than two persons, free pick up could be arranged for
                                   coming from Osaka and Kyoto area = Kintetsu Kashihara Jingu Mae Station
                                   coming from Nagoya and Ise area = Kintetsu Yamato Yagi Station